Itís Random Acts of Kindness Week from February 11th to the 17th
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A week of Kindness

Jun 22, 2017


 They own it! On the first day of summer - Meet Rockin' Kindness Ambassadors Pawsitively Pets for Kids who are jumping on board to do a whole month of Kindness. Check out their calendar of actions which include compliment notes, a kindness and gratitude journal and the 'high five zone' and they have many activities planned for a whole month of Kindness.


I will be working with #STK Ambassadors assigned to their areas to make sure the momentum continues all month. Studies have shown that consistent acts of kindness lead to better social values being displayed in an area.

This group can be an example to many on why it makes a difference for both kids and animals!!! Is your workplace on board? Let's gooooooo! #spreadthekindness #employeeengagement

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