Be Kinder: Presentations and Workshops

We have always needed more than a little heart from our workplace

Employees are crying out for it. They aren’t sustained by a ‘say as I say, do as I do’ mentality. I guide my corporate clients to share their story authentically, and from there we develop a framework for creative, connected environments. If we get it right, the result is engaged employees, transparent knowledge sharing, creative leadership, and a playful approach to working together.

Now, more than ever, we need to create a more caring and connected culture—one that honors mental wellness and creativity. It’s time to make it a priority, whether we’re working remotely or on-site.

My compassion and culture workshops guide your teams toward better workplaces where employee mental wellness, creativity and productivity is supported (and the bottom line is improved, if you trust the research).

Let’s get started. Your workplace is ready.

“If ever there was a time for managers to be more caring, supportive and thoughtful of the needs of their employees it’s this COVID-19 era. While it appears people seamlessly adapted to working from home, the truth is most are missing their colleagues, anxious about how long the pandemic will last and having far fewer micro-connections that enable human thriving. Consequently, leaders who demonstrate that they trust their people to perform—and are sensitive to how they’re experiencing life right now—are what the present moment calls for. Put your people first—not your targets. Ironically, the more you love your team right now, the better they will perform.”

Mark C. Crowley, Leadership Speaker
Consultant and change agent for workplace engagement & culture
Author of Lead From The Heart