Be Better: Life and Career Coaching

You’re standing there at the crossroads and not sure where to turn. That feeling of uncertainty, and maybe some fear, that you’re carrying can be a signpost, guiding you toward a collaboration whereby humans work together to chart a clear path. Let’s replace some of that uncertainty with renewed confidence and clarity.

An experienced coach will help you reframe the overwhelming feelings that arise in the face of life and career changes, aligning your next steps with your core values—as opposed to the acquired ones, the value systems that society, the culture, and your community impose. What moves your inner compass?

I love hearing people’s stories. In fact, it’s an honour. When we tell your story we’re on the way to empowering you to live a better life. I’ve seen it so many times: I know people have the strength to make transformative life and career transitions. To get us there, I listen, encourage, and frame the conversation you’re having with yourself. We improve the system you use to navigate life’s twists and turns in a positive way.

I received certification in coaching from the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training and in solution-focused coaching from the University of Toronto. My learning continues with WBECS, the World Business & Executive Coach Summit; I aim to be the best coach I can be.

My work with career seekers goes hand in hand with life coaching. Let’s do some in-depth self-discovery to understand what you’re really after. In my case, yoga, meditation, retreats and ongoing coursework helped me chart my path from a senior leadership role into this natural fit as your honoured guide.

We’ll work together on the mental, physical, interpersonal, career and volunteering aspects that help you along. Our momentum plan will break your goals down into focus areas, including networking, interviews and application packages. Meanwhile, we do the deeper inner work of self-reflection and conversation to support this momentum.

My clients should feel clearer about moving ahead. It is an exciting, powerful relationship, and to be your fellow traveler on such a transformational path is no small thing.

It’s your life. Shouldn’t we make it the best it can be?