is an accredited intuitive coach who helps you chart a pro-active life and career action plan that serves as your compass for the road ahead. She also is co-founder of Connection Corner, a virtual networking group for women and creator of Spread the Kindness interactive workshops and presentations focusing on bringing kindness into schools and the workplace.

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Steffi is great in front of the camera and in front of people. She has made several TV appearances as well as performed many interviews herself!

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Steffi is very comfortable speaking to small intimate groups or large gatherings of people in work or school settings.

In The Media

Here is Susan Hay's Global TV segment Making A Difference featuring the Kindness Coaches doing their Kindness Workshops.


Dec 17, 2014
Coaching Update with Stephan Wiednar

A life and career coaching update with the Noomi co-founder and coach

Dec 02, 2014
February Connection Corner Update 2014

Hello There Everyone! First of all, a big thank you goes out to those corporations and individuals who participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week February 10th to the 16th - CC Members Glain Roberts-McCabe of The Executive Roundtable was one of the individuals who got her leadership and mentorship group on board.

Nov 26, 2014
Making A Difference featuring Kindness Coaches

Steffi Black is the founder of "Connection Corner" a virtual networking group for women. She was invited to the inBusiness show for her perspectives on women's networking.