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Steffi is an accredited intuitive coach who acts as a wayfinder on your journey. She can help you chart a life and career action plan and adopt a pro-active approach that will serve as your compass for the road ahead.

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Let's start the process - you won't believe the difference it can make! According to a recent client survey, 100% of her clients would recommend Steffi Black Coaching to others.

You have many choices to kick-start the change. Check out the variety of personalized coaching packages available to help you with life, career and personal development.

Steffi can tailor the length of sessions and meeting type (in person, email, phone, Skype) to your needs and we will work out a complimentary financial plan. Find out more today!

New Career Workshop

Taking place this Fall on Wednesday September 17th

A powerful workshop that helps YOU create the right tools to move foward.

Register early to claim your spot: steffi@steffiblackcoaching.com you can pay via e-transfer, Paypal, or by mailing a cheque. Follow-up confirmation and information will be sent upon payment receipt

Sign up for one seminar for only $75 and be set for a new career direction you use for life.

Connection Corner

Your Virtual Network

"Online networking for Career & Life Changes"

An email and social media support association for women as they make changes in their career, volunteer or life. Itís about helping each member connect to the right person and the right situation at each transition point in their lives.

Goal: To be a continual support to each person via the electronic media with bi-monthly updates on job, volunteer and educational opportunities and to meet with career change/network updates once or twice a year.


Sep 17, 2014
Kindness in the Oakville Community

OCF hosts its's 3rd annual Kindness Day

Sep 15, 2014
Kind Kids Club

Our 2014 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge winner is a first grade class in Fresno, California inspiring their entire school with kindness! #RAKWeek

Sep 11, 2014
New Jobs and New Members

Our virtual networking group update